OneMind Technologies

SMART airports

Our solution is designed for airport operators, directors and decision makers

OneMind New Generation provides a holistic view on social distancing and thermal screening. The solution allows the comparison of data over time, trend analytics and current status evaluation based on historical data. A Business Intelligence (BI) tool that gathers, stores, access and analyzes corporate data to support decision-making.

Key Benefits

Control quality

Controls the quality of the
airport's integrated services

Enhanced experience

Enhanced passenger

COVID incident

Includes a centralized COVID incident and alarm management system

Faster response

Faster response time:
receiving, processing, analyzing
and distributing information

Better monitoring

Better monitoring, planning and
more efficient allocation
of resources

Higher quality

Higher quality information for
decision making, especially in
difficult situations

Efficient analysis

Enables efficient analysis of the
data and events managed, for learning about the behavior of the airport

COVID status

Provides a holistic view of the COVID status of the airport and summarized intelligence on the KPIs of ongoing processes