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OneMind New Generation


OneMind provides a hypervison on external subsystems and enables operators to have a holistic view of how operations are performing in real-time, as well as the ability to solve incidents.

Real-time and multi-domain intelligence

OneMind transforms operational decisions and reveals insights through real-time analytics and multi-domain intelligence.

Connector layer

OneMind allows the creation of a connector layer enabling the processing of information from different types of systems or data sources hosted across different organizations and departments.

Into a single place

OneMind stores data gathered from all different types of systems in a single place, enabling cross-data visualization and analytics through the applications.

How does it work

OneMind New Generation is a hypervisor for Smart Cities giving access to several expert subsystems at the same time and bringing to the operators a holistic picture of how the City is performing in real-time, as well as the ability of solving City's incidents.

OneMind New Generation allows creating a connector layer enabling to ingest information from different type of systems or data sources hosted across different organizations and departments.

OneMind New Generation transforms operational decisions and reveal insights through real-time and multi-domain intelligence.

OneMind New Generation stores data gathered from all different types of systems in one single place enabling the cross-data visualization and analytics through the aplications.

Smart Awareness - C&C Operators

The interface provides a holistic view of all key information and real-time indicators in order to increase the awareness and make informed decisions faster.
- Know what is happening in real time.
- Access full information seamlessly.
- Understand the events using full information available in a unique interface.
- Improve operational efficiency.
- Optimize response times.

Smart Action - C&C Operators

OneMind constantly monitors data feeds and triggers alerts based on business rules and events. The interface provides a step-by-step response plan based on SOP to take action and address the situation.
- Standard Operation Procedures are configurated in the tool in function of the event.
- The operator nteracts with the subsystem connected.
- the platform allows to automatize straight forward action.

Smart Analytics - Directors of Operations

A complementary application that adds correlation capabilities to the hypervisor, allowing comparison of data over time, trend analytics and current status evaluation based on historical data.
- Run data-driven investigation.
- Measure services performance.
- Analyze behavior and identify anomalies.
- Use evidence-based decision-making

Smart Reporting - Decision Makers

A Business Intelligence (BI) tool that gathers, store, access and analyzes corporate data to support decision making.
- Integrate all data in one single dashboard.
- Define and measure historical and current KPIs.
- Conduct performance and gaps analysis.
- Be empowered to conduct data-driven planning

OneMind New Generation Features

OneMind New Generation Features

OneMind New Generation Operates in different Domains


OneMind New Generation Operates in different Domains

OneMind New Generation Benefits

High Availability & Scalability

High Availability
& Scalability

Enjoy the benefits of a system available 24/7 and accessible at any time and with no interruptions, which quickly adapts its resources to handle incoming requests without affecting response time and performance.
Vertical Layer Supported

Layer Supported

The management of information related to objects with multiple levels such as buildings, airports or malls is challenging. OneMind allows you to work individually on each level or all together, focusing the attention only on what you need.
SaaS ready and On-Prem supported

SaaS ready and
On-Prem supported

A worldwide service reachable everywhere from any device, a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution for the customer, which is also deployable on-premises to fulfill specific needs.

Low Code Engine
ETL & Automation

The easiest way for everyone in your organization to write and execute ETL processes with a minimum of technical skills is through an easy-to-use low code interface.
Multitenancy Deployment


A single instance serves multiple customers but also maintains a maximum level of privacy, usage isolation, and data security since tenants’ resources are separated from each other.
Multi-device Frontend


Maintain the same user experience across any device you may use, and access the application without worrying about limitations or loss of functionalities.
Modular and Plug-ins Analytics

Modular and
Plug-ins Analytics

Get the best performance possible by defining your own analytics and integrating them into the system quickly and effectively.
Fully Configurable Frontend

Configurable Frontend

Discover the power and flexibility of a fully configurable front end and get a user experience perfectly adapted to your needs.
Rule Based Access Control

Access Control

Enhance the confidentiality of your sensitive data by applying meticulous access policies through role-based access control (RBAC).
Bring your own map

Bring your
own map

Increase efficiency and productivity by adding your own maps to the system, whether you are the Water Mgmt. Director or a Traffic Operator of the city, use the pertinent map for your needs on the same tenant.
Multilingual and Multicultural (RTL)

Multilingual and
Multicultural (RTL)

Let the system adapt the user interface to your language and writing preference.
Historical Mode & Time-based Analysis

Historical Mode &
Time-based Analysis

Explore data analysis over time to identify behaviors or mitigate issues to optimize your performance.