The IoT Solution Builder
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OneMind provides a hypervison view on expert subsystems and enables operators to have an holistic picture of how operations are performing in real time, as well as the ability to solve operational incidents
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OneMind allows for the creation of a connector layer enabling the ingestion of information from different type of systems or data sources hosted across different organizations and departments
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OneMind transforms operational decisions and reveal insights through real-time and multi-domain intelligence
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OneMind stores data gathered from all different types of systems into a single place, enabling the cross-data visualization and analytics through the applications

How does it work?



Subsystem integration

Easily integrate any kind of subsystem with OneMind.


Real-time visualization and event processing

Visualize in real time any asset and compute insightful KPIs. Proactively receive system, data or incident events.


Operator hypervision

Eagle-eye view of all operational aspects of every integrated system.


Rule-based business process automation

Listen constantly to any data stream and trigger events and standard operating procedures.


Cross-domain control 

Use Boolean operators to blend data from different subsystems to create new insights.


Anomaly detection and forecasting

Detect anomalies and react. Forecast before it happens.