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OneMind Technologies at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Transportation (AITC 2020)

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  • This year, the University of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam nvited OneMind Technologies to the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Transportation. 

The company was invited to present the benefits of implementing operational intelligence platforms to manage the future of mobility.  

A conference, digital and presencial, to discuss various topics related to the use of Artificial Intelligence in transportation 

The conference would normally be held in April, on the campus of Ho Chi Minh University. Due to the coronavirus pandemic that significantly affected the whole world, it was postponed until December 11, 2020.  

The organizing committee took the decision to hold the conference both online and offline.  

The topics of the conference are diverse: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Neuron Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, Image processing and identification technology in intelligent transportation systems, Solutions to improve road safety, mega-data processing to evaluate the quality of transport work, intelligent control of transport vehicles, technologies and applications in intelligent cities, Internet of Things, Logistics, Transport optimization, Traffic behavior analysis, Intelligent technologies, Applications, and Services for life. 

The solutions offered by OneMind Technologies make sense in several of these topics but the company was invited to talk specifically about the benefits of implementing operational intelligence platforms to manage the future of mobility. 

The answer for cities to manage the future of mobility? The power of data! 

OneMind Technologies, through the voice of Michael Rohrer, head of product, is thus digitally present to explain the impact and strength of data in decision making

Southeast Asia is keeping pace with the global trend of using the Internet of Things (IoT) across different sectors for the most innovative uses. Local authorities and regional governments are taking full advantage of the technology to enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). 

However, when it comes to the use of IoT technologies and related data, private actors are more advanced than cities.  

It’s time for cities to regain control of their public services through better data collection, analysis, and centralization of this data on dedicated platforms, and then the creation of new policies to ensure equality and quality of the public services to their citizens.  

Within cities, a multitude of actors are present in the field of mobility. Each department has its own systems, and each system manages its own operations. Data is therefore processed in silos and is difficult to access and it gets difficult to centralize and standardize the systems. 

This creates a lack of communication between city departments, making it difficult to unfy the process, the language, and the operation. 

OneMind brings a solution to cities to improve their daily decision-making processes by using IoT technologies. With its Intelligent IoT Solution Builder, it allows cities to maximize the use of their systems and equipment introducing operational intelligence. OneMind allows different data from all existing sensors and systems to be combined in a single platform.  

The result is a set of real-time geolocated information, analytics and performance indicators (KPIs), anomaly detection, and display of alarms and response plans, among other features. 

Applications powered by OneMind provide construction site managers and directors of operations in cities with instant intelligence and response plans to make smart decisions and manage teams and processes more efficiently

If you want to find out more about how smart technology and the use of data can improve the urban mobility, we suggest you read our article: Reducing traffic and congestion through Smart City Technologies 

About Michael Rohrer, our speaker at AITC 2020 

Michael Rohrer was born in Austria. He graduated from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, in Business Administration with speciality in Strategic Management and Business Informatics. 

He has 15+ years’ experience in business strategy, agile product development and marketing, with a proven track record in building multiplatform B2B and B2C products on international markets. His domain expertise is focused on smart cities and IoT. 

Michael is currently the acting Head of Product at OneMind Technologies, Barcelona, Spain. He leads the software product strategy and owns the software product roadmap. 


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