Operational Intelligence: The Future of Urban Mobility

Cities today are facing many of the same problems they were facing 100 years ago. We live in a changing world but lingering remnants of history still affect our lives, despite huge leaps in our technological capacities. From congestion and lack of parking to wasteful energy expenditure and environmental pollution, most cities across the globe […]Read More

Parking Fraud: An Often Overlooked Issue For Cities

The general public may not perceive parking fraud to be a huge problem. Yet city councils all over the world lose millions in revenue to it each year. The City of Westminster Council in London, UK, lost around €365,000 ($450,000) in potential revenue to parking fraud in 2015-2016, adding up to a total estimated annual […]Read More

Smart-city- Internet of things - iot

Turning Data into Value: Industrial Internet of Things

IoT, as the main accelerator for digital transformation, has seen rapid growth in recent years. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), this trend does not seem to be stopping any time soon. Forecasts predict that the IoT global market revenue will reach approximately US$ 1.1 trillion by 2025.  Yet for business owners and leaders […]Read More

connected cars

Emerging Futures: Connected Cars and their Impact on our Cities

The term “connected car” is often mistakenly seen as synonymous with “autonomous car”. This is wrong: while most autonomous cars are “connected”. A connected car is not inherently autonomous. So what exactly is a connected car? Standard definitions tend to define it like a normal car that has been made “smart” through the Internet of […]Read More

Future of IoT

The Future of IoT

Mobile World Congress brings together thought leaders in technology from around the globe. The side conference 4 Years From Now is held with the objective to connect promising startups and founding partners. Apart from upcoming companies pitching their ideas and showcasing their prototypes, panel sessions are held on topics as diverse as women in tech and […]Read More

IoT trends hitting the market

The three main IoT trends that have hit the market

The IoT industry is an exciting space to be in right now. The Internet of Things is being hailed as the solution to everything from traffic and congestion, to managing domestic energy usage, to farming productivity. As a new, growing market, there is plenty of opportunities both to become an emerging vendor and to capitalize […]Read More

artificial intelligence in transportation

OneMind Technologies at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Transportation (AITC 2020)

This year, the University of Transport and Communications based on the Campus of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam invited OneMind Technologies to the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Transportation.  The company was invited to present the benefits of implementing operational intelligence platforms to manage the future of mobility.   A conference, also digital, to discuss various […]Read More


OneMind Technologies is present at GITEX 2020

Every year, more than 150,000 persons attend the Gulf’s information technology trade show: the GITEX.   OneMind Technologies is present in Dubaï this year for this 2020 edition.   This year, Gitex celebrates its 40th anniversary. The international trade fair, specialized in technology and innovation, started yesterday and runs until Thursday.   As a result of the health crisis that shook the world this year, many trade […]Read More

Understanding the IoT ecosystem: Platforms, Applications, and Solutions

The IoT ecosystem includes all those technologies that enable consumers, businesses, and governments to connect, control and derive value from their connected objects in diverse environments, including manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, smart cities, construction, oil, and gas. According to Forrester the total number of internet-connected devices will be 34 billion by 2020, up from 10 billion […]Read More

OneMind Technologies joins the Affluence Corporation group

In this month of November 2020, a great change has taken place at OneMind Technologies. Worldsensing announced last Wednesday (November 25th) the acquisition of OneMind, now called OneMind Technologies, by the Affluence Corporation Group. OneMind Technologies SL is now a new entity, a subsidiary of Affluence Corporation. OneMind Technologies The company, which has been operating […]Read More

Smartcity standards

The Quick Guide to Smart City Standards

There’s a lot of buzz around the smart city concept at the moment, but the standards that regulate how smart cities function are often less often discussed. Maybe this is because standards are often not perceived as the most exciting topic of conversation: however, in truth they are absolutely essential to ensuring that cities the […]Read More

Smart cities technology

The 6 Core Smart City Technologies

The technologies making up the smart city are often less interesting than their outcomes. However, it is still important that we all know what exactly is allowing us to access wifi for our smartphones in any part of the city, or how traffic congestion is being reduced through technology. This helps both city officials and […]Read More

3 drivers to urban mobility management

The 3 Key Drivers Of Urban Mobility Management

By 2030, nearly 5 billion (61%) of the world’s 8.1 billion people will live in cities. To manage this rising tide, cities will need to manage congestion and inner-city traffic more efficiently. They also need to respond to unexpected situations faster than ever before. Our ability to extract meaningful insights from data will transform urban […]Read More