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Corona traffic analysis confirms compliance with confinement in Barcelona

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OneMind Technologies uses real-time traffic detection data from its IoT solution platform, OneMind, to analyze the effects of the COVID-19 confinement on the mobility in Barcelona.

In this article, we present a summary of the data analysis provided by our intelligent IoT solution builder, OneMind, which ingests and visualizes data from traffic flow monitoring devices deployed around the main ring roads across Barcelona.

1- The general confinement of the population has resulted in a 72% decrease in vehicle traffic on weekdays compared to a normal week, and close to an 85% reduction on weekends.

2- A significant amount of displacement was observed at the beginning of the first week of confinement, showing last-minute movements on the major routes in and out of the city.

3- The decrease associated with Extended Confinement (only essential activities permitted) has been an additional 6% compared to the previous weeks of confinement, for weekdays and weekends.

4- Traffic levels after the lifting of Extended Confinement have consistently returned to those observed during the first two weeks of General Confinement.

5- Traffic on Easter Monday, traditionally a day of very low mobility in the city, was half the normal for the day, and down 90% over a typical Monday.

This analysis has been carried out by compiling traffic detection data provided by the OneMind Technologies sensors deployed in the city, specifically at the points Ronda de Dalt / Mundet; Ronda de Dalt / Valldaura; Ronda de Dalt / Av. Meridiana (Trinitat Vella – entrance and exit); and Ronda de Dalt – Sortida 8 (Vallvidrera Tunnels), totaling 13,777,830 detections in the study period (March 2nd – April 30th).


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