Intelligent IoT solutions

OneMind Technologies builds intelligent IoT solutions to help you manage all the systems you run. We help you take smart decisions in real time, based on your data; we analyze the present to predict the future. We are a spinoff of Worldsensing, the globally recognized IoT pioneer. We are partnering worldwide with Dell Technologies, Orange Business Services, and STEE to bring the best smart city solutions to their clients.



Subsystem integration

Easily integrate any kind of subsystem with OneMind.


Real-time visualization and event processing

Visualize in real time any asset and compute insightful KPIs. Proactively receive system, data or incident events.


Operator hypervision

Eagle-eye view of all operational aspects of every integrated system.


Rule-based business process automation

Listen constantly to any data stream and trigger events and standard operating procedures.


Cross-domain control 

Use Boolean operators to blend data from different subsystems to create new insights.


Anomaly detection and forecasting

Detect anomalies and react. Forecast before it happens.

Latest News

Find out how OneMind, the intelligent IoT solution builder, can help you manage all the systems your city runs in real time, make decisions based on real-time data insights, analyze the present and predict the future, and track operational KPIs.